Concentric Desire

Set of six uneditioned silk screen prints on paper each print 14.5x41cm, 2016.

concentric desire 4concentric desire 6concentric desire 2concentric desire 5concentric desire 1concentric desire 3

Unique Artist book: Screen print on paper and drafting film, plastic snaplock bags, metal bolts, 15x25x2.5cm, 2016.

concentric desire bookconcentric desire book 1.jpg

Hand pressed “pills”, edition of seven each containing sixty pills made from pulped screen prints, plastic snap lock bags, each pill approximately 1x1x0.5cm, 2016.

concentric desire pills.jpg

Concentric desire editioned prints: two editions of five, silk screen on paper, print size 14.5x37cm, 2016.

concentric desire edition 1.jpg

concentric desire edition 2.jpg

Concentric Desire installation.

concentric desire install 2concentric desire install 3concentric desire install 1